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  • Custom New Home Builders Central Coast - Bennett Construction & Design
  • Custom New Home Builders Central Coast - Bennett Construction & Design

Working with Architects and building designers

Using an architect or building designer can mean a much better result for your build in the long run.

Architects and building designers basically do the same job. Many building designers have the same qualifications as architects but are not registered, thus unable to call themselves architects.

At Bennett Construction we believe the best results come from bespoke designs created specifically to cater to your needs and your site. We work regularly with designers and architects we are happy to recommend them.

First steps

When looking for a professional to design your home start by plotting out your budget, your timeframe and the accomodations you need. This will give you a great basis to start those initial conversations.

You then want to do some research and find a company producing work that you like. If you have a complex build ahead someone experienced in those challenges is also a plus. Some designers specialise in specific types or styles of build and it is important to find someone whose design principles align with yours.

Start collecting reference material that you love. Apps like Pinterest or Houzz are great for this. Images help your designer understand both the style and level of finish you are looking for. This can be invaluable for initial budget discussions.

Advantages to using a design professional

As mentioned, hiring a professional to design a bespoke home just for you usually produces a far superior result, but there are other benefits too.

Get what you want

A good designer will work with you to produce the best result for your needs, within your budget and incorporating your personal style. A good designer should also take a sustainable approach to your design to ensure that future costs are kept manageable. This can be as simple as the orientation of the design on your block or suggesting the use of materials with thermal mass.


All the tedious tasks that have to occur before work starts are often handled by your building designer. This includes things like planning approvals and site inspections. Ensure that these services are included in your designer’s final costing. It can be a huge relief to have these handled by a professional.


A good designer will be able to give you a variety of visuals for your design, from traditional builder’s plans to 3D walkthroughs. Choosing a designer who is technically adept can mean that you have a much better idea of what the final result will look like long before construction commences. This is a great way to avoid any surprises.


Your designer will also ensure that your builder has all the information needed to progress to a quote on construction. They will be a valuable resource for your builder in understanding the scope of work and when dealing with any unforeseen issues during construction.

If you would like any further information on using an architect or building designer feel free to get in touch. We can recommend some great people to you.